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Fire Notes is a notes sharing platform where students can upload, maintain versions and download notes.

##To do

  • Add apache solr for document search
  • Add Star feature
  • Add Download Counter
  • Add Meta Data before uploading file
  • Search files by metadata
  • Add subjects of each semester to database
  • Subjects Scraper
  • Concatenate the files into a single pdf
  • Upload multiple files at once

##How to run

  • drop all db
  • delete app.db
  • delete search.db (Whoosh index)
  • delete migration folder
  • start redis-server
  • initiate apache solr -> ./bin/solr start -e cloud -noprompt
python create_db
python db init
python gunicorn


  • Upload and download notes.
  • Anybody can download any version of the file.
  • People can upload notes only to the deparment they belong to.

##Contribute If you want to add features, fix bugs, or report issues, feel free to send a pull request!!


  • Nirvik Ghosh
  • Sriram S
  • Anantha Natarajan
  • Vignesh Manix
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