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Delta.Chat bot written in Python
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Delta.Chat example bot

A simple example "deltabot" that receives and sends messages for an e-mail account. It will reply to messages to it by echoing them back. It works as part of a group or in 1:1 chats in applications (or even with regular email) and will also reply to regular e-mails. Deltabot supports Autocrypt end-to-end encryption but note that the operator of the "bot" service can look into messages that are sent to it.


To install make sure you have the python deltachat-bindings installed, at best in a virtualenv environment . Then install the bot:

pip install deltabot

starting the bot

First you need to provide an emailaddress and a password to allow the bot to receive and send messages for that address:

deltabot init password123

This command will try to contact the imap/smtp servers for and logging in with the given e-mail address and password. Once this successfully completes, initialization is done and tested.

You can then let the bot listen continously:

deltabot serve

It will listen for incoming messages and reply to each of them.

To see some action install and add your bot-email address as a contact and start chatting with it! You can also add the bot as a member to a group chat.

Looking at the code

Checkout this file which contains the definition of a command line client used above, and its interaction with the bindings (src/deltabot/

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