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[wip] delta chat in pure Rust
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Delta Chat Rust

Project porting deltachat-core to rust

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Current commit on deltachat/deltachat-core: 12ef73c8e76185f9b78e844ea673025f56a959ab.

Installing Rust and Cargo

To download and install the official compiler for the Rust programming language, and the Cargo package manager, run the command in your user environment:

curl -sSf | sh

Using the CLI client

Compile and run Delta Chat Core using cargo:

cargo run --example repl -- /path/to/db

Configure your account (if not already configured):

Delta Chat Core is awaiting your commands.
> set addr
> set mail_pw yourpassword
> configure

Connect to your mail server (if already configured):

> connect

Create a contact:

> addcontact
Command executed successfully.

List contacts:

> listcontacts
Contact#10: <name unset> <>
Contact#1: Me √√ <>

Create a chat with your friend and send a message:

> createchat 10
Single#10 created successfully.
> chat 10
Single#10: []
> send hi
Message sent.

List messages when inside a chat:

> chat

For more commands type:

> help


# run tests
$ cargo test --all
# build c-ffi
$ cargo build -p deltachat_ffi --release
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