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  • #1044 implement avatar recoding to 192x192 in core to keep file sizes small.

  • #1024 fix #1021 SQL/injection malformed Chat-Group-Name breakage

  • #1036 fix smtp crash by pulling in a fixed async-smtp

  • #1039 fix read-receipts appearing as normal messages when you change MDN settings

  • #1040 do not panic on SystemTimeDifference

  • #1043 avoid potential crashes in malformed From/Chat-Disposition... headers

  • #1045 #1041 #1038 #1035 #1034 #1029 #1025 various cleanups and doc improvments


  • alleviate login problems with providers which only support RSA1024 keys by switching back from Rustls to native-tls, by using the new async-email/async-native-tls crate from @dignifiedquire. thanks @link2xt.

  • introduce per-contact profile images to send out own profile image heuristically, and fix sending out of profile images in "in-prepare" groups. this also extends the Chat-spec that is maintained in core to specify Chat-Group-Image and Chat-Group-Avatar headers. thanks @r10s and @hpk42.

  • fix merging of protected headers from the encrypted to the unencrypted parts, now not happening recursively anymore. thanks @hpk and @r10s

  • fix/optimize autocrypt gossip headers to only get sent when there are more than 2 people in a chat. thanks @link2xt

  • fix displayname to use the authenticated name when available (displayname as coming from contacts themselves). thanks @simon-laux

  • introduce preliminary support for offline autoconfig for nauta provider. thanks @hpk42 @r10s


  • fix #994 attachment appeared doubled in chats (and where actually downloaded after smtp-send). @hpk42


  • fix packaging issue with our rust-email fork, now we are tracking master again there. hpk42


  • fix #976 -- unicode-issues in display-name of email addresses. @hpk42

  • fix #985 group add/remove member bugs resulting in broken groups. @hpk42

  • fix hanging IMAP connections -- we now detect with a 15second timeout if we cannot terminate the IDLE IMAP protocol. @hpk42 @link2xt

  • fix incoming multipart/mixed containing html, to show up as attachments again. Fixes usage for simplebot which sends html files for users to interact with the bot. @adbenitez @hpk42

  • refinements to internal autocrypt-handling code, do not send prefer-encrypt=nopreference as it is the default if no attribute is present. @linkxt

  • simplify, modularize and rustify several parts of dc-core (general WIP). @link2xt @flub @hpk42 @r10s

  • use async-email/async-smtp to handle SMTP connections, might fix connection/reconnection issues. @link2xt

  • more tests and refinements for dealing with blobstorage @flub @hpk42

  • use a dedicated build-server for CI testing of core PRs


  • fix python bindings to use core for copying attachments to blobdir and fix core to actually do it. @hpk42


  • trigger reconnect more often on imap error states. Should fix an issue observed when trying to empty a folder. @hpk42

  • un-split qr tests: we fixed qr-securejoin protocol flakyness last weeks. @hpk42


  • fix grpid-determination from in-reply-to and references headers. @hpk42

  • only send Autocrypt-gossip headers on encrypted messages. @dignifiedquire

  • fix reply-to-encrypted message to also be encrypted. @hpk42

  • remove last unsafe code from dc_receive_imf :) @hpk42

  • add experimental new dc_chat_get_info_json FFI/API so that desktop devs can play with using it. @jikstra

  • fix encoding of subjects and attachment-filenames @hpk42 @dignifiedquire .


  • historic: we now use the mailparse crate and lettre-email to generate mime messages. This got rid of mmime completely, the C2rust generated port of the libetpan mime-parse -- IOW 22KLocs of cumbersome code removed! see many thanks @dignifiedquire for making everybody's life easier and @jonhoo (from rust-imap fame) for suggesting to use the mailparse crate :)

  • lots of improvements and better error handling in many rust modules thanks @link2xt @flub @r10s, @hpk42 and @dignifiedquire

  • @r10s introduced a new device chat which has an initial welcome message. See for the main new FFI-API.

  • fix moving self-sent messages, thanks @r10s, @flub, @hpk42

  • fix flakyness/sometimes-failing verified/join-protocols, thanks @flub, @r10s, @hpk42

  • fix reply-to-encrypted message to keep encryption


  • many little fixes and rustifications (@link2xt, @flub, @hpk42)


  • now uses async-email/async-imap as the new base which makes imap-idle interruptible and thus fixes several issues around the imap thread being in zombie state . thanks @dignifiedquire, @hpk42 and @link2xt.

  • fixes imap-protocol parsing bugs that lead to infinitely repeated crashing while trying to receive messages with a subjec that contained non-utf8. thanks @link2xt

  • fixed logic to find encryption subkey -- previously delta chat would use the primary key for encryption (which works with RSA but not ECC). thanks @link2xt

  • introduce a new device chat where core and UIs can add "device" messages. Android uses it for an initial welcome message. thanks @r10s

  • fix time smearing (when two message are virtually send in the same second, there would be misbehaviour because we didn't persist smeared time). thanks @r10s

  • fix double-dotted extensions like or .tar.gz
    to not mangle them when creating blobfiles. thanks @flub

  • fix backup/exports where the wrong sql file would be modified, leading to problems when exporting twice. thanks @hpk42

  • several other little fixes and improvements


  • fix location-streaming #782

  • fix display of messages that could not be decrypted #785

  • fix smtp MAILER-DAEMON bug #786

  • fix a logging of durations #783

  • add more error logging #779

  • do not panic on some bad utf-8 mime #776


  • fix chatlist.get_msg_id to return id, instead of wrongly erroring


  • fix dc_get_msg() to return empty messages when asked for special ones


  • fix more than one sending of autocrypt setup message

  • fix recognition of mailto-address-qr-codes, add tests

  • tune down error to warning when adding self to chat


  • add back dc_empty_server() #682

  • if show_emails is set to DC_SHOW_EMAILS_ALL, email-based contact requests are added to the chatlist directly

  • fix IMAP hangs #717 and cleanups

  • several rPGP fixes

  • code streamlining and rustifications


  • docs are now regenerated again through our CI

  • several rPGP cleanups, security fixes and better multi-platform support

  • reconnect on io errors and broken pipes (imap)

  • probe SMTP with real connection not just setup

  • various imap/smtp related fixes

  • use to_string_lossy in most places instead of relying on valid utf-8 encodings

  • rework, rustify and test autoconfig-reading and parsing

  • some rustifications/boolifications of c-ints


  • first beta of the Delta Chat Rust core library. many fixes of crashes and other issues compared to 1.0.0-alpha.5.

  • Most code is now "rustified" and does not do manual memory allocation anymore.

  • The DC_EVENT_GET_STRING event is not used anymore, removing the last event where the core requested a return value from the event callback.

    Please now use dc_set_stock_translation() API for core messages to be properly localized.

  • Deltachat FFI docs are automatically generated and available here:

  • New events ImapMessageMoved and ImapMessageDeleted

For a full list of changes, please see our closed Pull Requests:

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