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Delta Chat iOS Changelog



  • allow picking a profile-image for yourself; the image will be sent to recipients in one of the next updates:
  • streamline group-profile and advanced-loging-settings
  • show 'Automatic' for unset advanced-login-settings
  • show used settings below advanced-login-setting
  • add global option to disable notifications
  • update translations
  • various bug fixes



  • move folder settings to account settings
  • improve scanning of qr-codes
  • update translations
  • various bug fixes



  • add "dark mode" for all views
  • if a message contains an email, this can be used to start a chat directly
  • add "delete mails from server" options to "your profile info / password and account"
  • add option to delete a single message
  • if "show classic emails" is set to "all", emails pop up as contact requests directly in the chatlist
  • update translations
  • various bug fixes



  • add "send copy to self" switch
  • play voice messages and other audio
  • show descriptions for images, video and other files
  • show correct delivery states
  • show forwarded messages as such
  • improve group editing
  • show number of unread messages
  • update translations
  • various bug fixes



  • show text sent together with images or files
  • improve onboarding error messages
  • various bug fixes



  • after months of hard work, this release is finally based on the new rust-core that brings improved security and speed, solves build-problems and also makes future developments much easier. there is much more to tell on that than fitting reasonably in a changelog :)
  • start writing a changelog
  • hide bottom-bar in subsequent views
  • fix a bug that makes port and other advaced settings unchangeable after login
  • disable dark-mode in the chat view for now
  • update translations

The changes have been done Alexander Krotov, Andrei Guliaikin, Asiel Díaz Benítez, Besnik, Björn Petersen, Calbasi, cyBerta, Dmitry Bogatov, dorheim, Enrico B., Ferhad Necef, Florian Bruhin, Floris Bruynooghe, Friedel Ziegelmayer, Heimen Stoffels, Hocuri, Holger Krekel, Jikstra, Jonas Reinsch, Lars-Magnus Skog, Lin Miaoski, Moo, nayooti, Ole Carlsen, Osoitz, Ozancan Karataş, Pedro Portela, polo lancien, Racer1, Simon Laux, solokot, Waldemar Stoczkowski, Zkdc

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