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Goepy Music Explorer

The GoePy Music Explorer is a demo that illustrates the power of two python libraries spotipy and bottle. The GoePy Music Explorer is a web application that gives you the opportunity to search for music artists and browse through all albom covers. Spotipy is used to extract public data from the Spotify web API and bottle is used to run the web app and to realize REST functionality.


Getting Started

To use this demo please install following python packages with pip. A virtual environment is recommended.

  • spotipy
  • pyopenssl
  • ndg-httpsclient
  • pyasn

To start the demo type python After that bottle starts up on port 8080. Open a webbrowser and navigate to Enter an artist name ist the search above and press enter to start browsing. The demo has been tested with Google Chrome.

Please provide pull requests for bug fixes.

Creator and Copyright

(c) Oliver Wannenwetsch for the Python User Group Göttingen 2015

The source code of the demo is licenced under the MIT licence. Other licences may apply for libraries, frameworks and images.

This software has been written for educational purpose.


This demo contains a template from Start Bootstrap: Start Bootstrap - Full Slider

Copyright 2013-2015 Iron Summit Media Strategies, LLC. Code released under the Apache 2.0 license.

This demo makes also great benefit of Bottle a perfect microframe work for Python REST applications - copyright Marcel Hellkamp 2015.