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Interoperable Web Development

In these labs you will learn and work with the latest trends, practices and technologies for web development.

This hands-on lab includes the following labs:

Lab 1 - Setup

Setting up your environment for the labs

In this lab you will find the prerequisites and steps to help you set up your computer. After completing the lab you will have a working environment ready for the other labs.

Lab 2 - Edge Mode and Feature Detection

Working with the browser

In this lab you will analyze an existing application and update it to comply with the best practices for Feature Detection. Additionally, you will learn about Edge Mode and its perks.

Lab 3 - Web Development Best Practices

Improving what we have

In this lab you will take the application from the previous lab and introduce additional best practices to it. You will improve the app styles and remove old-fashioned plugins from it. You will also be introduced to hand.js and will update the app to leverage its advantages.

Lab 4 - Cross Browser Testing

Making sure everything works

In this lab you will learn about two well-known testing tools: Remote IE , Browser Stack, LambdaTest and test the application with the latter. Additionally, you will learn about Graceful degradation for older browsers and update the app to incorporate fixes for them.

Lab 5 - Mobile First with Responsive Design

Taking over other platforms

In this lab you will continue improving the application, in this case to extend its reach to other platforms. You will discover how the use of Media Queries and other elements can help you provide the users with a better experience for every platform.


Hands on lab about interoperable web development



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