NO Fake Login Page (Fluxion 0.23 ver52) #119

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Hi, I see there's no password Login page after my Android client automatically connects to the Fake AP. Here's a screenshot after the FakeAP connection, and also screenshots of the client's status before and after the attack using "pyrit" + "deauth all" (or any other Fake AP option).

(Also noticed that "Clients Online:" in the WI-FI information terminal shows the Android client, but it keeps disappearing and reappearing every 5-6 seconds(?). Don't know if that's related to the same issue...) Thank you.
fluxion 0 23-52
fakeap stats

realap stats

l00s3 commented Sep 17, 2016

use the backup version. ./flux_rev-51.backup while waiting for the fix. :)


Same issue..
We must wait for the next fix, i suppose..

Il giorno 17 set 2016, alle ore 10:35, l00s3 <> ha scritto:

use the backup version. ./flux_rev-51.backup while waiting for the fix. :)

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bagnes commented Sep 17, 2016

How to use backup version when is not downloaded?? Its says ./flux_rev-51.backup :No such file or directory


probably you're trying a https page, try only with http!


I just tryed HTTPS or HTTPS; but is the same issue..

Il giorno 18 set 2016, alle ore 06:06, ReneTejeda <> ha scritto:

probably you're trying a https page, try only with http!

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l3op commented Sep 18, 2016

Could you upload the files so i can check it.

@deltaxflux deltaxflux closed this Sep 18, 2016

i have this problem too. please somebody help me. what is this ./flux_rev-51.backup ??
its not work. what should i download exactly ?


Use the stable version


I moved to the Stable Version of Fluxion using:

sudo rm -rf ~/fluxion
sudo git clone
cd fluxion
sudo ./
sudo rm -rf ~/fluxion/fluxion
sudo cp -r ~/fluxion/stable/fluxion ~/fluxion/
sudo ./fluxion

These are the versions of the relevant installed packages:

php5-cgi 5.6.7+dfsg-1

lighttpd 1.4.39-1

isc-dhcp-server 4.3.4-1

hostapd 1:2.5-2+v2.4-2

I confirmed that I'm using the actual Stable Fluxion script: 7285 lines, 327.6 kB (327,631 bytes).
But again, as shown below, the client is connected to the FakeAP... but there is still NO Login Page.
I tried choosing different login pages, but all are 404.

I'm really not sure what more to do at this point...

@deltaxflux deltaxflux reopened this Sep 25, 2016
Ka0tik commented Sep 26, 2016

What rev are you using? I don't have any issues with rev 54.


I used the Stable Version as I indicated above, i.e., /fluxion/stable/fluxion from a fresh Rev 54 git clone .
Still no login page.

Deltax - do you have any solution to recommend?



Well no - the stable and the normal version works flawlessly. The only option I saw is to rebuild your system.

@deltaxflux deltaxflux closed this Sep 26, 2016
ghost commented Oct 3, 2016

Also having this issue. Collected handhake smoothly.

Choose webinterface Xfinity. I attempted to connect to fake ap and when I do nothing happens. No login page, nothing is redirected when entering urls.


Using todays latest revision both beta and unstable. Results are the same.

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