Bash script for selecting and calling the correct Grails version when you have more than one version installed
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  • All your Grails versions must be installed under the same base directory. Ex:

  • GRAILS_HOME environment variable must be set and point to your "default" Grails installation

  • cURL and unzip (If you want it to automatically pull missing versions)

  • This script was tested on Mac OS X (Lion), but should work fine on Linux and Windows (with cygwin)



Using the script is as transparent as possible:

  • If you invoke it from a project folder, it will detect the version used by the project and call the correct grails

    • If the required version does not exist locally, the script will attempt to download the version specified from grails amazon mirror
  • If you invoke it from any other folder that does not contain a Grails project, it will call the "default" Grails installation

  • If you want to call a specific Grails version (i.e. when doing an upgrade) you can specify the version you want in the first parameter.

    • If the version you specified does not exist locally, it will also attempt to download the version specified. Ex:

      $ grails 2.2.3 upgrade

  • It tries to determine the command to run based on its name, so you can create symlinks for it to use the grails-debug command, or use it with Griffon. It should also work with any other tool that uses the same installation structure than Grails (like Groovy, Gradle)