Yet another markdown based blog framework, written in Python and powered by Flask.
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DelogX is a lite, tiny, micro and dynamic Markdown based blogging platform, written in Python and powered by Flask.


  • Small, little, lite, tiny and micro.
  • Easy to install and deploy.
  • Write and publish with Markdown.
  • Manage articles in one directory.
  • No database and admin panel, everything is file.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and even WSL or Android.
  • Everything is configurable.
  • Customize your blog with plugins and themes.
  • Deploy on Apache, Nginx, standalone WSGI containers or just built-in server.


Install DelogX with pip:

pip3 install DelogX

You may be required to have root permission:

sudo pip3 install DelogX

Getting Started

After installing, Create a new directory to store your blog application, and enter it.

mkdir my_blog
cd my_blog

Then execute this command:

delogx init

and follow the instructions finish the initialization.

After the process is complete, run this:


and visit "" in your browser to test if everything is ok.

If everything is ok, you can read the documentation to learn about how to configure and how to add posts.