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Benchmark of the most commonly used http routers
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Benchmark of the most commonly used http routers.

Tested routers:

This benchmarks aims to test only http routers, so the method handling should be included.
Do you know other routers? PR! :D


These benchmarks where taken under node v8.9.0, on a MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 (i7, 16GB of RAM).

 find-my-way benchmark
short static: 10,102,066 ops/sec
static with same radix: 3,887,679 ops/sec
dynamic route: 1,637,929 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 2,289,554 ops/sec
long static: 5,403,719 ops/sec
wildcard: 3,037,119 ops/sec
all together: 525,798 ops/sec

 call benchmark
short static: 3,123,503 ops/sec
static with same radix: 3,094,106 ops/sec
dynamic route: 578,251 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 632,624 ops/sec
long static: 3,491,147 ops/sec
wildcard: 884,869 ops/sec
all together: 181,587 ops/sec

 express benchmark (WARNING: includes handling)
short static: 1,145,409 ops/sec
static with same radix: 1,102,656 ops/sec
dynamic route: 595,169 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 513,327 ops/sec
long static: 642,545 ops/sec
wildcard: 407,398 ops/sec
all together: 100,184 ops/sec

 koa-router benchmark
short static: 1,004,122 ops/sec
static with same radix: 1,029,369 ops/sec
dynamic route: 1,015,635 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 968,784 ops/sec
long static: 1,027,857 ops/sec
wildcard: 1,033,432 ops/sec
all together: 161,220 ops/sec

 koa-tree-router benchmark
short static: 11,756,182 ops/sec
static with same radix: 6,212,981 ops/sec
dynamic route: 3,221,744 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 4,160,595 ops/sec
long static: 7,723,753 ops/sec
wildcard: 4,469,051 ops/sec
all together: 924,587 ops/sec

 router benchmark (WARNING: includes handling)
short static: 1,176,121 ops/sec
static with same radix: 1,110,484 ops/sec
dynamic route: 628,130 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 536,107 ops/sec
long static: 678,598 ops/sec
wildcard: 356,475 ops/sec
all together: 99,443 ops/sec

 routr benchmark
short static: 4,562,784 ops/sec
static with same radix: 2,530,725 ops/sec
dynamic route: 850,739 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 553,497 ops/sec
long static: 520,461 ops/sec
wildcard: 348,495 ops/sec
all together: 108,098 ops/sec

 server-router benchmark
short static: 2,500,623 ops/sec
static with same radix: 2,404,634 ops/sec
dynamic route: 1,102,154 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 1,094,229 ops/sec
long static: 1,555,080 ops/sec
wildcard: 924,381 ops/sec
all together: 215,779 ops/sec

 trek-router benchmark
short static: 8,530,466 ops/sec
static with same radix: 4,861,846 ops/sec
dynamic route: 2,240,906 ops/sec
mixed static dynamic: 2,539,650 ops/sec
long static: 5,525,210 ops/sec
wildcard: 3,533,566 ops/sec
all together: 612,419 ops/sec

Run the benchmarks

Do you wan to run the benchmarks by yourself?
Run the following:

git clone
cd router-benchmark
npm i
npm start

Router features

Router Framework independent Decode URI Querystring handling Regex route support Multi-parametric route support Max parameter length
call ? ? ?

Did you find incorrect data in the above table? Please send a pr!

How the benchmark is taken

To emulate a real world situation every router registers the following routes:

{ method: 'GET', url: '/user' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/user/comments' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/user/avatar' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/user/lookup/username/:username' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/user/lookup/email/:address' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/event/:id' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/event/:id/comments' },
{ method: 'POST', url: '/event/:id/comment' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/map/:location/events' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/status' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/very/deeply/nested/route/hello/there' },
{ method: 'GET', url: '/static/*' }

Then the following routes are tested:

short static: { method: 'GET', url: '/user' }
static with same radix: { method: 'GET', url: '/user/comments' }
dynamic route: { method: 'GET', url: '/user/lookup/username/john' }
mixed static dynamic: { method: 'GET', url: '/event/abcd1234/comments' },
long static: { method: 'GET', url: '/very/deeply/nested/route/hello/there' },
wildcard: { method: 'GET', url: '/static/index.html' }
all together: all the above at the same time

Every test is executed 1 million times, the time is taken with process.hrtime(), the final result is expressed in operations per second.


  • Add a list of the supported features by every router



Copyright © 2017 Tomas Della Vedova

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