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The CultureHub is a platform that aims at making cultural objects accessible online. More information at

Getting started

Installing system dependencies


brew install mongodb
brew install graphicsmagick

One-time set-up

  • run sh in order to install play and culture-hub. Make sure you add the play directory to your shell path after installation so it can be found in further steps, e.g. by adding the line export PATH=$PATH:/Users/foo/workspace/play to your ~/.bash_profile
  • later, you may need to run play deps --sync by hand in order to download and install additional dependencies.
  • copy conf/production.conf.template to conf/production.conf. You can ignore this file as long as you do not want to deploy the hub.
  • copy conf/additional.conf.template to conf/additional.conf. This is where you can put additional configuration you don't want to check in.
  • configure the subdomains for testing in your /etc/hosts file by adding e.g.: default.localhost

Running the application - development mode

Run the application via

play run

where youruser is the key you used for your custom properties in conf/application.conf

An example user is with password secret

Running the application - test mode

Run the test mode via

play test

Then you can access the test dashboard on http://localhost:9000/@tests

Run in prod mode via

play start --%prod

Running Apache Solr

To use Apache Solr go to extras/solr-server and run java -jar start.jar.

Running the Image Server

In order to use the advanced image viewer, you need to run IIPImage ( on your system. This is how:

  • install the iipsrv module by running sh extras/ This will download a couple of files and compile the module for you
  • once you have compiled the module you can run it via cd extras/iipsrv-0.9.9/fcgi && ./iipsrv.fcgi --bind
  • you also need to run a connector for FastCGI. Normally this happens in a web server but for convenience you can also do this without additional installation by running cd extras/servlet-server && java -jar start.jar
  • now you are ready to go and use the advanced image viewer
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