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The CultureHub is a platform that aims at making cultural objects accessible online. More information at

Getting started

Installing system dependencies


brew install mongodb
brew install graphicsmagick

One-time set-up

  • get the Play! 2 framework at and make sure the play script is in your environment PATH
  • configure the subdomains for testing in your /etc/hosts file by adding e.g.: delving.localhost

Running the application - development mode

Run the application via

play run

If you want to use a custom configuration file for development, use

play run -Dconfig.file=conf/development.conf

The development.conf file can include the default configuration via

include "application.conf"

Running the tests

Run the tests via

play test

Running Apache Solr

To use Apache Solr run ant startSolr. Use ant stopSolr in order to stop it.

Running the Image Server

In order to use the advanced image viewer, you need to run IIPImage ( on your system.

This is how:

  • install the iipsrv module by running sh extras/ This will download a couple of files and compile the module for you
  • once you have compiled the module you can run it via cd extras/iipsrv-0.9.9/fcgi && ./iipsrv.fcgi --bind
  • you also need to run a connector for FastCGI. Normally this happens in a web server but for convenience you can also do this without additional installation by running cd extras/servlet-server && java -jar start.jar
  • now you are ready to go and use the advanced image viewer
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