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CultureHub changelog

This is the changelog of the CultureHub. It documents changes of the main platform, without modules.


New features

  • manu: multi-tenancy support
  • manu, eric: advanced search plugin with auto-completion
  • manu, sjoerd: reviving related items feature


New features

  • manu, eric: complete overhaul of the DataSet page. Now using WebSockets to keep clients in sync

Fixes and refactoring

  • manu: refactoring VirtualCollections to a plugin
  • manu: renaming PortalTheme to DomainConfiguration
  • manu: using new play2-extensions version, addressing a memory-leak


New features

  • manu: new storage layer:
    • all items saved in mongodb are now in a standardized MetadataCache, each item being a MetadataItem
    • using BaseX ( in order to store source data
  • manu: AFF API rendering
  • manu: verbatim rendering mechanism for APIs
  • manu: DirectoryService lookup to match Provider and DataProvider in the DataSet creation page
  • eric: statistics mockup
  • manu: multiple domain support for themes (#42)
  • manu: buildinfo now prints which version of the hub and the sip-creator are used at startup
  • manu: replacing scala pull parser with stax
  • manu: redeploy action
  • manu: Making it possible to reset hashes on sets stuck in parsing state
  • eric: DeepZoom in full view
  • eric: full view shows roles separately
  • manu: Simplifying deployment process: support for "play dist" deployment
  • manu: Checkbox to select whether the query count of a VirtualCollection should be recomputed periodically or not
  • manu: Storing statistics generated by the Sip-Creator in MongoDB so that we can quickly compute aggregated statistics.
  • sjoerd: misc fixes for the itin endpoint
  • manu: Mechanism for giving the ID of an item in the proxy search response
  • manu: OaiPmh API for listing only sets of a given format
  • eric: flag to control visibility of the login links, per theme

Fixes and refactoring

  • manu: better JSON rendering for ViewRendering APIs
  • manu: fix #497, #504, #509, #510, #512
  • manu: changing search API layout so that it is valid when rendered as JSON
  • manu: correctly rendering the language for ViewRendering API requests
  • manu: improving robustness of ImageCache
  • manu: Hardening front page against search backend timeout
  • manu: limiting search API to MDRs
  • manu: JSON rendering overhaul, in order to keep XML and JSON renering in sync
  • manu: Groups can be deleted. Fixes #496
  • manu: Solid JSON parsing for directory. Fixes #556
  • manu: Revining OAuth2 spec, fixing response in case of error. Fixes #543
  • manu: Themes are now part of the default application configuration. Closes #525
  • manu: Streaming dummy image instead of trying to access via file
  • eric: view improvements for several formats (MusIP, ICN)
  • manu: Fixing SIP source download to generate identical content as upload



  • sjoerd: IndexApi accepting default namespaces, aligning system fields
  • sjoerd: upgrading to solr-j 3.6.0
  • sjoerd: fixing deleteOrphans implementation
  • sjoerd: fix in search pager
  • sjoerd: fixing search summary difference between xml and json representations



  • sjoerd: more robust extractor for hubIds, in case the localId contains an underscore
  • sjoerd: Fixes to deal with html entities in the ingested xml that are not indexed properly
  • manu: URL-encoding the id we get in the SearchService before querying for it, since IDs are URL-encoded in the index


New features

  • eric: entirely revisited user interface using Twitter Bootstrap
  • sjoerd, manu, gerald: interoperability with the hierarchical Sip-Creator
  • manu, sjoerd: revised and much more robust DataSet processing workflow
  • manu, eric: XML-based ViewRendering mechanism
  • manu, eric: Virtual Collections: create collections of records from various real DataSets, based on search criteria and individual exclusion of records
  • manu: refactored core architecture, introducing plugin mechanism extending Play 2.0's native plugin mechanism
  • manu, eric: improvements on the DataSet list page (displaying error message details)


  • manu, sjoerd, eric: many bug fixes and robustness improvements
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