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HackRF Library for Android

This repository is a ported version of Michael Ossmann's libhackrf ([] ( library to work with Android 3.1+.


(photo by Dennis Mantz)

See and @dennismantz for updates.

Implemented Features

  • Open HackRF (including the USB permission request)
  • Reading Board ID from HackRF
  • Reading Version from HackRF
  • Reading Part ID and Serial Number from HackRF
  • Setting Sample Rate of HackRF
  • Setting Frequency of HackRF
  • Setting Baseband Filter Width of HackRF
  • Compute Baseband Filter Width for given Sample Rate
  • Setting VGA Gain (Rx/Tx) of HackRF
  • Setting LNA Gain of HackRF
  • Setting Amplifier of HackRF
  • Setting Antenna Port Power of HackRF
  • Setting Transceiver Mode of HackRF
  • Receiving from the HackRF using a BlockingQueue
  • Transmitting to the HackRF using a BlockingQueue
  • Get Transmission statistics
  • Example App that shows how to use the library

Tested Devices

Device Does it work? Comments Tester
Oneplus One yes KR0SIV
Nexus 7 2012 yes ~ 2 Msps, Filewriter is too slow. demantz
Nexus 7 2013 yes 15 Msps @kx3companion
Nexus 4 needs ROM... ...and Y cable. ( -
Nexus 5 yes 15 Msps demantz
Moto G yes ~ 2 Msps @kx3companion
Acer A500 yes ~ 5 Msps @digiital
Samsung S3 LTE yes 10 Msps, running CM 10.1.3 dc1rdb
Samsung S4 yes @digiital
Samsung S4 LTE yes 10 Msps Jonyweb
Samsung S4 Zoom yes Ace Rimmer
Samsung S5 yes @simonroses
Samsung Note 3 yes @M3atShi3ld
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 yes Christophe Morel
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 yes Harald Pedersen
HTC M8 yes dmaynor
Sony Xperia Pro no insufficient USB bus power anttivs
Sony Xperia Z2 yes Harald Pedersen
LG G2 yes @michaelossmann
LG G3 yes @HashHacks
Moto G 4G yes @paul2dart
Motorola Xoom M601 yes Reg Blank
Dragon Touch A1X yes John Wright
Moto X (1st gen) yes sabas1080

Known Issues

  • USB connection is too slow for Sample Rates >15 Msps (testet on Nexus 7)
  • FileWriter in example app is too slow. Only works for ~ 2 Msps on old devices.
  • It seems that the HackRF sometimes gets to less power if using a to long or low quality USB cable.

Installation / Usage

Build the library and the example app by using the Android Studio projects:

  • hackrf_android/
  • hackrf_android/examples/

If you want to use the library in your own app, just copy the hackrf_android/app/build/outputs/aar/app-debug.aar file into your project and include it as a library. See the example project to learn how to use the library.

The hackrf_android.aar and the HackRF_Test.apk files are also in this repository so that they can be used without building them. But they won't be synched to the latest code base all the time.

A short howto to get started can be found on this blog post: [] (

Use the example application to test the library on your device and trouble shoot any problems. It has the option to show the logcat output!


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. GPL version 2 or higher

principal author: Dennis Mantz <>

principal author of libhackrf: Michael Ossmann <>


A ported version of Michael Ossmann's libhackrf library to use with Android 3.1+







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