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+# Summary of Qualifications
+- Pragmatic team player that thrives on producing tangible results that add real benefit.
+- Proven experience effectively operating in Fortune 500 companies and startups.
+- Over 10 years of solid Java development experience primarily in the telecom domain.
+- Full SDLC experience in consulting, enterprise and consumer software offerings.
+# Skill
+## Languages and APIs
+- Java J2EE, EJB, iBatis, JDBC, Hibernate, JSP, Struts2 , Spring (DI, AOP, DAO), Acegi, JMX
+- Scala, Lift, Scalatra, Groovy, Grails, Python (Django , CGI, PIL), Jython, Ruby, Rails
+- Maven 2, Ant, jUnit, jUnitPerf, Selenium, Cobertura, EasyMock, Velocity
+- SQL, Stored Procedures
+- UML, OOP, OOA/D, Aspect Oriented Programming, Database design
+- ReST (JRA), SOAP (CXF, Axis2, JAXWS), XML(XPath, XmlBeans, JDOM, SVG)
+- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
+## Platforms and Tools
+- Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, JBoss, ServiceMix ESB, Systinet SOAP, BEA Weblogic
+- Linux (primarily Ubuntu), most types of Unix, MacOS
+- MySQL, Postgres, HSQLDB, Oracle, DB2
+- Eclipse, VIM, OmniPlan, OmniGraffle, Rational Rose, Together J
+- SOAPUI, VisualVM, JetProfiler, JProfiler, Wireshark, Subversion, git, CVS, Hudson
+# Experience
+## Time Warner Cable - Member of Technical Staff, Denver, CO (Oct 10 - present)
+- Designed and implemented web services backing the first cable iPad application to stream real-time video content. The application and service was awarded the 2011 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Philo T. Farnsworth Award.
+- Wrote Android demo application featured in Samsung keynote at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.
+## Dash Carrier Services - Principal Architect, Denver, CO (Jun 07 - Oct 10)
+- Lead the re-implementation and organized cutover of a .NET/ Oracle Spatial system into a Java / PostGIS emergency call routing system.
+- Assist sales staff in on-site customer engagements.
+- Write spatial queries for location based emergency call routing.
+- Played a pivotal role in a company merger, evaluating opportunities and redundancies.
+- Create a SOAP and ReST web service and clients using CXF for multiple partners.
+- Build, manage, mentored and retained a 6 developer team with varying levels of experience.
+- Act as scrum master, aligned process with long-term initiatives.
+- Implement OSS to support telecom provisioning and call routing (VoIP and 911).
+- Secure web site and web services via Acegi and database authorization.
+- Provide API documentation and continual customer support for web services.
+- Establish patterns, best practices and initial implementation for all layers of the architecture.
+- Wrote code generator for service layer based on DB meta-data using Velocity.
+- Evaluate and select entire technology stack to suit business needs.
+- Work with SME to establish a domain model and database schema to run a VoIP telecommunications company.
+## OpenLogic - Senior Engineer, Broomfield, CO (Dec 06 - Jun 07)
+- Evaluate open source software and normalize it into distributable packages with Groovy.
+- Java web app development with JSF, SOAP, Hibernate, Spring and Geronimo.
+## Avaya - Member of Technical Staff, Westminster, CO (Nov 04 - Dec 06)
+- Wrote JBI components and JMX MBeans for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
+- Championed agile process resulting in successful delivery despite aggressive schedule, geographically dispersed teams (global), new technology and team.
+- Integrate Lotus Domino Sametime groupware and voice conferencing system.
+## Level 3 - Senior Engineer, Broomfield, CO (Feb 00 - Nov 04)
+- Brought the first SOA service at Level 3 through entire SDLC to production (still running).
+- Trained and mentored peers on test driven development (TDD).
+- ReST and SOAP SOA authoring and consumption with J2EE back-end.
+- Used MapQuest and Microsoft MapPoint geocoding services to ensure location data integrity.
+- ORM Persistence layer design and implementation against Oracle.
+- Web application development using Struts on 3 distinct applications.
+- SOAP consumption in .NET and MS .NET development.
+- J2EE development, deployment, build automation and configuration.
+- ASD Interactive - Application Developer, Morton, IL (Apr 99 - Feb 00)
+- Java E-commerce development IBM WebSphere and DB2.
+## Affina - Programmer / Analyst, Peoria, IL (Dec 97 - Apr 99)
+- Oracle data warehousing analysis and data extraction from proprietary de-normalized RDBMS.
+- Python CGI intranet development using Postgres.
+- Parse proprietary markup knowledge base and generate standard HTML, JavaScript.
+## US Marines - Infantry Rifleman, Security Forces, Secret Clearance (9/90 - 9/94)
+# Education
+- University of Colorado graduate SW Certificate in Sowftware Engineering, Boulder, CO - 2004
+- Bradley University, BS, Computer Science, Peoria, IL - 1999
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