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Jasmine WebKit Reporter

Jasmine WebKit Reporter is the simple reporter for Jasmine for showning results of spec running by Notification API. This is reporter works with Chrome/Chromium only, because Notification API implemented only in this browser.

Need permission for use notifications for work this reporter.


Installation this reporter is very simple task. Only enable script after Jasmine in SpecRunner.


This is simple example of usage :

(function() {
    var jasmineEnv = jasmine.getEnv();
    jasmineEnv.updateInterval = 1000;

    var trivialReporter = new jasmine.TrivialReporter();
    var webkitReporter = new jasmine.WebkitReporter(); // create new reporter instance

    jasmineEnv.addReporter(webkitReporter); // register reporter in jasmineEnv

    jasmineEnv.specFilter = function(spec) {
      return trivialReporter.specFilter(spec);

    var currentWindowOnload = window.onload;

    window.onload = function() {
      if (currentWindowOnload) {

    function execJasmine() {


When specs are running, will be used TrivialReporter (default for Jasmine), and WebkitReporter.


WebKit Reporter have custom options:

  • title - name of testing application;
  • replaceId - custom replaceId for notifications (see Notifications API Draft);
  • timeout - of timeout is greater such 0, then notifications will be autoclosed after timeout;
  • passedIcon - icon for notifications about passed running;
  • failedIcon - icon for notifications about failed running;
  • runningIcon - icon for notifications about running.

Icons must be a URL or empty string.

Browsers without webkitNotifications

If browser have not window.webkitNotifications, when reporter creating methods reportRunnerStarting and reportRunnerResults replaced by empty methods.

This is make possible using library in non-supported browsers without exceptions, and any actions for disabling of reporter.