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An open implementation of the JavaScript Chromecast API
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An open implementation of the JavaScript Chromecast API

The goal of ghast is be to a drop in replacement for the chrome sender API.

You should be able to do a s/chrome.cast/ghast/g with existing chrome sender applications, port them to an electron environment, or (potentially 🤞) a firefox extension.

Status: WIP

  • chrome.cast.* - i.e., Session/MediaSession etc. all work
  • - implemented, untested
  • cast.framework - mostly implemented, completely untested

Still relatively usable provided you aren't using the more recent cast.framework.
You can look an example w/ sample.js: node sample.js [url]


const ghast = require('ghast');

const apiConfig = new ghast.ApiConfig(
  new ghast.SessionRequest(appID),
  sessionListener,  // gets called when you auto-connect to an active session
  receiverListener, // gets called when devices go up / down
  ghast.AutoJoinPolicy.ORIGIN_SCOPED, // rules for auto-connecting

ghast.initialize(apiConfig, () => {
  console.log('Initialized. Now searching for devices...');

// ...
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