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A successful git branching model

"From the classic CVS/Subversion world I came from, merging/branching has always been considered a bit scary (“beware of merge conflicts, they bite you!”) and something you only do every once in a while."

"[...]with Git, these actions are extremely cheap and simple, and they are considered one of the core parts of your daily workflow...Version control tools are supposed to assist in branching/merging more than anything else."

  • 'essentially no more than a set of procedures'


  • Central "truth" repo
  • Display image
  • Developers can all have their own remotes, or share branches on the origin

Main branches

  • Master reflects production-ready code
  • Every push to master condsidered a new release
  • Develop reflects on-going development, for the next release, also called the Integration Branch
  • Develop is where nightly builds come from
  • When Develop is stable nough for a release, we make our way down to Master

Supporting Branches

  • Feature, Release, Hotfix
  • Special only in a policy sense; still just git branches
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