Import and Export blueprint strings automagically with this handy dandy blueprint API
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A node.js library created to help you create, modify, and export Factorio blueprints and blueprint strings!

This library supports simple tasks such as adding or removing entities to more complex tasks such as connecting entities via wires and modifying combinators.

See docs here.

Getting Started

Website Usage

If you want to use this on a site, you can access the latest build in /dist

Install via NPM

$ npm install factorio-blueprint

Basic Usage

const Blueprint = require('factorio-blueprint');

// Create a blueprint with nothing in it
const myBlueprint = new Blueprint();
// Import a blueprint using a blueprint string
const importedBlueprint = new Blueprint(blueprintString);

// Modify the blueprint!
myBlueprint.createEntity('transport-belt', { x: 0, y: 0 }, Blueprint.UP);

// Export the string to use in-game

Click here for full documentation!