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This node module will check the given service url using standard http request and informs the user(s) via mail.
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Service Status Check

This module created by demiremrece in order to inform the user(s) about problems of their web services/apis.

How is it working?

It uses standard http get request to check if service or api is up or down. If down, using nodemailer module, the users are notified by a mail regarding.

How to install

npm install service-status-check

How to use

service-status-check module works with GMAIL configuration. You need to pass your gmail account to send mails.

const HealthChecker = require('service-status-check');

const config = {
    mail: {
        sender: {
            user: "",
            pass: "password"
        to: "",
        // to: ["",""]
    services: [
            name: "My service",
            url: ""
    options: {
        interval: 0.5

let myChecker = new HealthChecker(config);

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