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Welcome to the Cortex XSOAR Developer Hub. Here you will find a lot of information.

Cortex XSOAR

Cortex XSOAR's security orchestration and automation enables standardized, automated, and coordinated response across your security product stack. Playbooks powered by thousands of security actions make scalable, accelerated incident response a reality. Learn the ins and out of Cortex XSOAR's development platform so you can begin create content and integrations.


Learn the core fundamentals to get started developing with Cortex XSOAR. This section includes documents that cover many relevant concepts that are useful to understand how Cortex XSOAR works, what components are used for which tasks and how the contribution process works.


Dive into details and learn how to do stuff with Cortex XSOAR.


Detailed instructions to learn step-by-step.


Reference documentation for all components, functions, helpers and APIs.

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