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Content Contribution Guide

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Welcome to Demisto content repo!

How to contribute

To get you started, refer to our Getting Started article

After you finish developing, there are two steps left before you can create a pull request:

  • Follow code conventions here
  • Run linting and test checks as detailed here
  • Document your changes in the relevant changelog file as detailed here.
  • Validate files are formatted according correctly, by running from the Content root directory: PYTHONPATH="`pwd`:${PYTHONPATH}" python2 Tests/scripts/
  • Make sure you have test playbook here
  • Make sure you have documentation here
  • Circle CI build must be green here

You should now be ready to push your changes to the Content GitHub repository, please do as follows.

Push changes to GitHub

Demisto content is MIT Licensed and accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. If you are a first time GitHub contributor, please look at these links explaining on how to create a Pull Request to a GitHub repo:

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

Contributor License Agreement

Before merging any PRs, we need all contributors to sign a contributor license agreement. By signing a contributor license agreement, we ensure that the community is free to use your contributions.

When you contribute a new pull request, a bot will evaluate whether you have signed the CLA. If required, the bot will comment on the pull request, including a link to accept the agreement. The CLA document is available for review as a PDF.

If the license/cla status check remains on Pending, even though all contributors have accepted the CLA, you can recheck the CLA status by visiting the following link (replace [PRID] with the ID of your PR):[PRID] .

If you have a suggestion or an opportunity for improvement that you've identified, please open an issue in this repo. Enjoy and feel free to reach out to us on the DFIR Community Slack channel, or at

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