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Run lintings (flake8, mypy, pylint, bandit, vulture) and pytest. pylint and pytest will run within all the docker images of an integration/script. Meant to be used with integrations/scripts that use the folder (package) structure.

The appropriate docker images for the integration/script will be used to execute the pytest and pylint checks.

Use Cases This command is used to make sure the code stands up to the python standards, prevents bugs and runs unit tests to make sure the code works as intended.


  • -d DIR, --dir DIR Specify directory of integration/script. Also supports several direcories as a CSV (default: None)
  • --no-pylint Do NOT run pylint linter (default: False)
  • --no-mypy Do NOT run mypy static type checking (default: False)
  • --no-flake8 Do NOT run flake8 linter (default: False)
  • --no-bandit Do NOT run bandit linter (default: False)
  • --no-vulture Do NOT run vulture linter (default: False)
  • --no-test Do NOT test (skip pytest) (default: False)
  • -r, --root Run pytest container with root user (default: False)
  • -p, --parallel Run tests in parallel (default: False)
  • -m, --max-workers The max workers to use in a parallel run (default: 10)
  • -g, --git Run only on packages that changes between the current branch and content repo's origin/master branch (default: False)
  • -a, --run-all-tests Run lint on all directories in content repo (default: False)
  • -k, --keep-container Keep the test container (default: False)
  • -v, --verbose Verbose output (default: False)
  • --outfile Specify a file path to save failing package list. (default: None)
  • --cpu-num CPU_NUM Number of CPUs to run pytest on (can set to auto for automatic detection of the number of CPUs.) (default: 0)

Examples: demisto-sdk lint -d Integrations/PaloAltoNetworks_XDR,Scripts/HellowWorldScript --no-mypy -p -m 2 This will parallel run the linters, excluding mypy, on the python files inside the "Integrations/PaloAltoNetworks_XDR" and "Scripts/HelloWorldScript" directories, using 2 workers (threads).

demisto-sdk lint -a -g This will run on all content repo's packaged and packed integrations and scripts and will activate the linting and tests only on the directories which had their files changed in comparison with content origin/master branch.

demisto-sdk lint -d Interagtions/HelloWorld -v --no-bandit --no-flake8 --cpu-num auto This will run the linters, excluding bandit and flake8, on "Integrations/HelloWorld" and give additional details on the run itself as well as any failures detected. Also this will check the amount of CPU's available to run pytest on and use them.

demisto-sdk lint -d Scripts/HelloWorldScript --no-pytest --no-pylint This will run only the linters (flake8, mypy, bandit, vulture) on "Scripts/HelloWorldScript".

demisto-sdk lint -d Integrations/HelloWorld --no-mypy --no-flake8 --no-pytest -k -r This will run only pylint and pytest on "Integrations/HelloWorld" using the root user for the pytest and will also keep the test container with the docker image after the operation is over.

demisto-sdk lint -g --outfile ~/failures.txt This indicates lint runs only on changed packages from content repo's 'origin/master' branch and saves the failed packages to failures.txt file.

Notes Vulture reports dead code with confidence level of 100% by default. The minimum confidence level can be set by changing the environment variable VULTURE_MIN_CONFIDENCE_LEVEL, i.e. export VULTURE_MIN_CONFIDENCE_LEVEL=60.

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