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Pandora Bots API for Golang

Implementation of the public API as specified here.

Implemented features

Resource Description Supported
GET /bot/APP_ID List of bots true
PUT /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME Create a bot true
DELETE /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME Delete a bot true
GET bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME List of bot files true
PUT /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/FILE-KIND/FILENAME Upload a personality file true
PUT /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/properties Upload a properties/pdefaults file true
DELETE /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/FILE-KIND/FILENAME Delete personality file true
DELETE /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/FILE-KIND Delete a properties/pdefaults file true
GET /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/FILE-KIND/FILENAME Retrieve personality file true
GET /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/FILE-KIND Retrieve a properties/pdefaults file true
GET /bot/APP_ID/BOTNAME/verify Verify / compile a bot true
POST /talk/APP_ID/BOTNAME Talk with a bot (including debug parameters) true


If you have a go workplace setup and working you can simply do:

go get

go install


In order how to use the pb-go module please have a look at the documentation and the cli directory. You need to have a PandoraBots application id and user key to start using the API.