An online GCODE editor and backplotter.
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gcode-sim: Gcode Editor and Backplotter

This project is in pre-alpha. It doesn't yet work!

This project is the source code for (not operational yet). It is an on-line gcode editor and simulator (also called a backplotter) for hand writing gcode and verifying the output.

Initially this will work with general gcode and later have support for HAAS and Fanuc machine code.

The following libraries are used in this application:

  • html5, canvas element
  • paper.js-0.22
  • jquery-1.7.1
  • jquery-layout-1.3.0
  • Ace editor
  • bootstrap2



How-to Use

Go into the build directory and open index.html in your favorite browser.


If you want to contribute to the project you will have to make a fork.

Running the Static Server

Using python3 run the script from the root directory of the project:

python3 tools/

The server will run until you close the process. Access the application at http://localhost:8080 in your favorite browser.

Refreshing Your Clone

To fetch changes from origin, run

git fetch origin

If you are working with a fork and would like to fetch from upstream, run

git fetch upstream

Sending a Pull Request

After you have updated your repo, send a [pull request][] to commit changes to the project.