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go-rst - reStructuredText for Go

https://travis-ci.org/demizer/go-rst.svg?branch=master https://coveralls.io/repos/github/demizer/go-rst/badge.svg?branch=master https://goreportcard.com/badge/github.com/demizer/go-rst

A reStructuredText parser for the Go Programming Language.

This project is not yet usable. See the Road Map below.



I no longer have interest in working on this in my spare time. RestructuredText is not an easy format to parse and I no longer write my notes in the format.

go-rst implements 10% of the official specification (28 of 283 Items)

See implementation status for a breakdown of what's implemented.

There is also a Road Map.


This library does not have any functionality beyond running parser tests.


From the root of the project,

GO_RST_SKIP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED=1 go test -v ./pkg/...

There are many tests that are imported from docutils, but not implemented yet.

How to contribute

See the doc directory for more documentation and tip and tricks.