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This document describes the governance process under which the CloudEvents project will manage this repository.


In order to provide equitable rights to all members, the following process will be followed:

  • Official conference calls will be announced at least a week in advance.
  • Official face-to-face meetings will be announced at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Proposed changes to any document will be done via a Pull Request (PR).
  • PRs will be reviewed during official meetings, but off-line reviews (LGTMs, NOT LGTMs) and comments are strongly encouraged to gauge the group's opinion on the proposed change prior to the meeting.
  • During meetings, priority will be given to PRs that appear to be ready for a vote over those that appear to require discussions.
  • PRs should not be merged if they have had substantial changes made within two days of the meeting. Rebases, typo fixes, etc. do not count as substantial. Note, administrivia PRs that do not materially modify output documents may be processed by admins as needed.
  • Resolving PRs ("merging" or "closing with no action") will be done as a result of a motion made during a meeting, and approved.
  • Reopening a PR can be done if new information is made available, and a motion to do so is approved.
  • Any motion that does not have "unanimous consent" will result in a formal vote. See Voting.


There are three categories of project membership:

  1. Member. This is anyone who participates in the group's activities in any of our communication channels (email, github issues/PRs, meetings, etc.). No formal registration process is needed.

  2. Voting Member. See the (Voting)[#voting]section below for more information on how the list of Voting Members are determined. During the normal operations of the group, Voting Members and Members are the same with respect to influence over the groups actions. The rights associated with being a Voting Member only apply in the event of a formal vote being taken.

  3. Admin. Admins are Members of the group but have the ability to perform administrative actions on behalf of the group. For example, manage the website, github repos and moderate the meetings. Their actions should be done with the knowledge and consent of the group. They also have the ability to merge/close PRs, but only per the group's approval. See the OWNERS file for the current list of Admins.


Typically, PRs are expected to meet the following criteria prior to being merged:

  • The author of the PR indicates that it is ready for review by asking for it to be discussed in an upcoming meeting - eg. by adding it to the agenda document.
  • All comments have been addressed.
  • PRs that have objections/concerns will be discussed off-line by interested parties. A resolution, updated PR, will be expected from those talks.


If a vote is taken during a meeting, the follow rules will be followed:

  • There is only 1 vote per participating company, or nonaffiliated individual.
  • Each participating company can assign a primary and secondary representative.
  • A participating company, or nonaffiliated individual, attains voting rights by having any of the entity's assigned representative(s), in aggregate, attend 3 out of the last 4 meetings. The people listed as "primary" or "alternate" for an entity can be changed no more than once a month and can be changed by notifying one of the admins. The entity obtains voting rights after the 3rd meeting, not during.
  • A "primary" or "alternate" member may request a leave-of-absence via an e-mail to the mailing list, or a message to the public slack channel, prior to the absence. An acceptable absence would include situations where the person is not officially working at all, such as being on vacation, taking a sabbatical or there is a public holiday. However, situations such as a scheduling conflict would not apply. Absence from meetings during that time will not impact their voting rights.
  • Only members with voting rights will be allowed to vote.
  • A vote passes if more than 50% of the votes cast approve the motion.
  • Only "yes" or "no" votes count, "abstain" votes do not count towards the total.
  • Meeting attendance will be formally tracked here. Members must acknowledge their presence verbally, meaning, adding yourself to the "Attendees" section of the Agenda document is not sufficient.
  • When a vote is called, unless all voting members have voted, the vote will be tallied no less than one week after calling the vote.
  • Voting process:
    • Comment on the PR: "YES VOTE", "NO VOTE", or "ABSTAIN".
    • Any person is encouraged to vote with a statement of support or dissent to help undecided voters to reach a decision
    • Comments are welcome from non-members
    • Voting tally will reflect the above qualification and recorded in PR

Release Process and Versioning

The specifications produced will adhere to the following:

  • The versioning scheme used will follow semver
  • All normative specifications, and the Primer, will be grouped together into a single logical unit and released at the same time, at the same version number. This is true regardless of whether each individual document actually changed during the release cycle.

Note that these rules do not apply to the documented extensions.

To create a new release:

  • Create a PR that modifies the README, and all specifications (ie. *.md files) that include a version string, to the new release version string. Make sure to remove -wip from all of the version strings.
  • Merge the PR.
  • Create a new release:
    • Choose a "Tag version" of the form: vX.Y, e.g. v0.1
    • Target should be master, the default value
    • Release title should be the same as the Tag - vX.Y
    • Add some descriptive text, or the list of PRs that have been merged since the previous release. The git query to get the list commits since the last release is: git log --pretty=format:%s master...v0.1 | grep -v "Merge pull". Just replace "v0.1" with the name of the previous release.
    • Press Publish release button
  • Create a PR that modifies the version string in all of the files (but not the table) to be the next version number with a -wip in it (e.g v0.4-wip).
  • Merge the PR.
  • Create an "announcement" highlighting the key features of the new release and any potential noteworthy activities of the group:
    • Send it to the mailing list
    • Announce the release on our twitter account
    • Add it to the "announcement" section of our website
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