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Censorship resistant democracies.
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Governance for Digital Organizations.

Join the chat at Slack Status Build Status

Read our 📃 white paper and check our recent conferences in Paris 🇫🇷 2016 and Berlin 🇩🇪 2018.


  • On-chain and Off-chain voting.
    • Tipping
    • Coin voting
    • Quadratic voting.
  • Supports ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.
  • Social networking tools for deliberation.
  • Mobile & desktop responsive UX.
  • Server-based web tokens.
  • Templates and governance settings.
  • Built for EVM-compatible blockchains with Web3.



  1. Install Framework

    On Linux & MacOS, load a terminal and type:

    $ curl | sh

    This will setup Meteor (including Node and Mongo if necessary).

    Note: Windows users must download installer.

  2. Clone Repository

    $ git clone
    $ cd sovereign
  3. Install Dependencies

    if you have npm installed, type:

    $ npm install

    if you only have meteor, type:

    $ meteor npm install
  4. Run App

    While in repository directory type:

    $ meteor npm run start:dev

    Load browser and go to http://localhost:3000/.

    Note: For production deploys you should use: $ meteor npm run start check production/settings.json file to config your keys.

  5. Configure

    • Check /config/development/settings.json to configure Sovereign for your organization's governance needs.
    • On /public/templates/ different template style folders are available. The file templateName.json can be configured and a css design can be found on /public/templates/name/css folder.




  • Built with Meteor version 1.8.1
  • Check our documentation for further technical reference (work in progress).

Supported Browsers:

IE / Edge
IE / Edge
iOS Safari
iOS Safari
Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android
IE10, IE11, Edge last 2 versions last 4 versions last 4 versions last 4 versions last 4 versions


Sovereign is a free & open source project.


Join our Open Collective:

Support our work with Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC Address: 1BtQMS7snrisEFMB1fMecXPyeHwwcWnpGE
  • ETH Address: 0xE3670E862850D58E0af745d06021c1c0555235dF


Democracy Earth Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit corporation in San Francisco, California with no political affiliations. Our partners include:

Also check our donors list.


This software is under an MIT License. Some rights reserved, 2015 - 2019 Democracy Earth Foundation.

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