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Advisory notice on using Voter Registration legally and in the public interest
Most U.S. jurisdictions have laws penalizing voting fraud and attempts to
register ineligible people as voters. As the Voter Registration code is open
source software, the authors remind anyone deploying or distributing it
(including distributing modified versions) that use of open source software to
violate the law is still a violation of the law. None of the original authors
or other contributors to the code are responsible if a third party misuses the
code, and the authors will cooperate with authorities to deter, detect, and
prosecute such misuses as appropriate.
Consistent with the license's stated lack of warranty, all information, dates,
and content included in this software are subject to change given the subject
matter of the software. It is the responsibility of the user of the software
to monitor changes in applicable law. Future versions of the software may
include updated content to reflect any changes in applicable law.
Please see LICENSE in this directory for licensing information.
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