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Voter Registration Build Status

Code Climate


We need more Americans to have a say in their government, not just the special interests. That's why we should be taking down roadblocks to voting. We believe in an America where everybody can make their voices heard.

That is why the Democratic National Committee created this open source application to provide more opportunities to register to vote in November! States have varying laws for voter registration, so this application is a one stop shop that contains all the voter registration information and voting checklists that you will need to vote. This information should not be altered.

You can help all eligible voters register to vote by using this software.

What is it?

A Ruby on Rails Application that generates a National Voter Registration Form PDF from a webform. Includes the guidelines for the National Voter Registration form in all states.


You can see a running version of the application at


  1. Make sure the machine that you're using has Ruby 1.9.3 installed. We use rbenv for Ruby version management
  2. You'll need the RubyGem "bundler" installed.


git clone
cd voter-registration
bundle install
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed #This will load all the State information


rails server

Open up your browser and go to http://localhost:3000

Deploying to Heroku

You can setup a Heroku account for free

heroku create
heroku addons:add sendgrid:starter  # Free addon used for devise emails
heroku config:set SECRET_TOKEN=$(bundle exec rake secret)  # generate a unique secret token
git push heroku master
heroku run rake db:migrate
heroku run rake db:seed

Running Tests

We use RSpec for tests: bundle exec rake spec

Admin the pages

We use rails_admin to manage the State Guidelines Go to "/admin" to login and manage the Guidelines

The default email: The default password: p@ssw0rd

Supported Ruby Versions

This application aims to support and is tested against the following Ruby implementations:

  • Ruby 1.9.3


Check out contributing for ways that you can contribute


Documentation is available in the /doc directory in the root of the project.


Voter Registration is open source software; please see LICENSE in this directory for licensing information.