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Flag helper for CodeIgniter. It lets you make a select dropdown with a list of countries.

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Flags Helper

Version: v0.2
Author: Demostenes Garcia (me [at] /


This is a CodeIgniter Helper. It makes a dropdown select with a list of Countries. The value of the country is determined by the ‘ISO 3166-1 alpha-2’ codes.
It’s a perfect solution if you need a list of countries usable with the famfamfam flags.

I also added the fam fam fam flags in gif format.


It’s quite simple:
# We load the helper

# Then we echo the dropdown. The first value is the name of the dropdown and the second value is the default value.
echo select_countries(‘flags’, ‘pa’);

ABOUT FAM FAM FAM ICONS is the website of Mark James, a web developer from Birmingham, UK. These icons are public domain, and as such are free for any use (attribution appreciated but not required).
If you find these icons useful, please donate via paypal to (or click the donate button available at


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