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API re-design

One can connect arbitrary numbers of Subscribers to an MVar. An MVar may have a number of Subscriptions on other MVars.

Some prototypical MVars we aim to make available:

  • UserMVar[A] - Updatable by the user.
    • Synchronously: Updatable connects directly to the AtomicReference that the UserMVar wraps
    • Asynchronously: Updatable publishes a message to an MVars subscription
  • MapMVar[A] - A derived MVar using some deterministic function applied to an input MVar
  • ProductMVar[A] - An MVar derived from a fixed number of MVars,

MVar thus features:

  • update(elem: A): Unit (only available on UserMVar)
  • map[B](f: A => B): MVar[B]
  • product[B](other: MVar[B]): MVar[(A, B)]

Anatomy of MVar implementations


The monotonic variable interface, which exposes sample

  • Exposes "publisher" interface to package
  • Instantiated with an implementation-dependent number of Subscriptions
  • For any new subscriber:
    • Replay the current state as a series of deltas (0/1 is permitted)
    • Replay evolutions as a series of deltas


A RWMVar[A] is an MVar that can be updated by the user, i.e. there is no consistency relationship to be maintained by the execution context.

Responsibilities: - Consume updates by the user - Update the MVar with the updates - Broadcast the elements to Subscribers of the UserMVar.


A read-only MVar, which means that it is updated through a process; updating the variable is not user-exposed functionality.


A MapMVar[B] (extends ROMVar[B]) is created from an MVar[A] and a deterministic function f: A => B

Responsibilities - Consume elements produced by MVar[A] - Transform such elements with the given function f - Update the MVar with those elements - Broadcast elements of the Merge to Subscribers


A ProductMVar[A, B] (extends ROMVar[(A, B)]) is created for two MVar's: MVar[A] and MVar[B], in that order.

Responsibilities: - Map MVar[A] elements to (A, B.bottom) - Map MVar[B] elements to (A.bottom, B) - Merge mapped outputs to (A, B) - Update the MVar with elements of the Merge - Broadcast elements of the Merge to Subscribers

Anatomy of the execution context



For the sake of monitoring / debugging, it would be nice to be able to render the graph, and be able to access the state of each stage/node.

This requires an explicit representation of the computational graph, which we:

  1. Can take as the definition, based upon which we create an in-memory pipeline
  2. Can derive from a running graph

(1) has my preference, but not without guaranteeing typesafety.

Current problems

  • Working with full-state and delta-state CRDTs (in particular, dealing with delta-state CRDTs combined with dataflow operations)
  • Specification implementation: Akka (Streams + Distributed Data)
  • Working with digestable lattices