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Ján Dugovič's portfolio site


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This is a personal presentation site. Any fixes or requests are welcome to be filed as issues.


Warning: outdated!

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run npm i in its root folder eg. C:\jandu\
  3. gulp dev should start a live server with auto-updating website, opened in your default browser.

If not: check if you have updated npm, if gulp's tasks work and then check the browser's console for errors. Upstream issues have some hints too.


You could use this as your own portfolio site too, it's easy! Just change some colors, text and images. It would be nice from you to not target the same area or field, as this repo does (ie. UX in Central Europe).

Dev setup

TL;DR: git clone && cd jandu/ && npm i && gulp dev.

This runs on GitHub Pages and is built by TravisCI, which activates with every commit to the master branch. It was forked from a free template based on Bootstrap 4 and modified using VS Code. It will forever be a WIP with irregular upgrades & changes. To setup the dev environment, you just need to download and install Git, VS Code and Node.JS, then follow instructions in Installation section.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018 Ján Dugovič, based on a template adapted from Blackrock Digital LLC. Code released under the MIT license.