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C3DE is a 3D Game Engine powered by MonoGame
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C3DE : Cool 3D Engine

The project

C3DE aims to become a 3D game engine powered by the MonoGame Framework with all features you can except from a modern "Garage Game Dev Tool". It features a Forward, Light PrePass and Deferred Renderer, as well as Virtual Reality support. Please take a look at features below.


Status & branch strategy

This project is in early stage. Use the master branch for testing and the develop branch for latest and instable changes. Keep in mind that all branches other than master are probably broken on non Windows targets.


  • Scenegraph
  • Component based
  • 3D Model support + Custom Mesh geometry
  • Terrain: Flat, Random, Heightmap
  • Materials: Standard (Phong + Extras), Terrain (multi-textured) and few extras
  • Lighting: Directional, Point, Spot
  • Forward Renderer: Unlimlited number of light with the multipass lighting
  • Light PrePass Renderer
  • Deferred Renderer
  • Shadow mapping (Hard shadow)
  • Input management: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Touch
  • Procedural texture generation
  • Post Processing
  • Instant GUI system
  • Virtual Reality (supported on all renderers)
  • Physics using Jitter Physics


C3DE supports Windows, Universal Windows Platform, Linux and Mac using MonoGame (both DirectX and DesktopGL). The OpenGL shader compiler is limited to the shader model 3, some effects are not supported on this platform. Android support is paused for now.

Virtual Reality

Many VR vendors are already supported on all Renderers. If you want additional details, please take a look at the wiki.


You must install the MonoGame Framework from the installer. You'll not be able to build the solution without it.


You're free to submit pull request, however thank you to follow the coding convention.


C3DE is released under the MIT License, please take your time to read the LICENSE file for more informations.

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