World viewers for Morrowind focused on Virtual Reality and Graphics
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World viewers for Elder Scrolls games in the Unity game engine with VR support supporting Oculus, OSVR and OpenVR. For advanced VR support, please read the located into the Vendors folder.

Getting Started

TESUnity requires a valid installation of Morrowind to run!, you can get it on Steam or

To get started, download the source code as a ZIP file, extract it, and open the TESUnity folder in Unity.

You can copy the Data Files folder from your Morrowind installation to the root folder of the project / release. The game will start automatically without asking for a path.

Configuration file

You can use the config.ini file located at the root folder of the project / release folder to configure and tweak your game experience. The first step is to rename the config.ini.dist file to config.ini.

Parameter Values
PlayMusic True or False
MorrowindPath The Morrowind's Data Files path
CellRadius How number of cell to load
CellDetailRadius Detail Cell Radius
CellRadiusOnLoad How many cell load on load
AnimateLights True or False
SunShadows True or False
LightShadows True or False
RenderExteriorCellLights True or False
DayNightCycle True or False
GenerateNormalMap True or False
NormalGeneratorIntensity A value from 0.1 to 1.0
AntiAliasing A value from 0 to 3 (0 is disabled)
PostProcessQuality A value from 0 to 3 (0 is disabled)
WaterBackSideTransparent True or False
Shader PBR or Simple or Unlit or Default
RenderPath Forward / Deferred / Lightwight
CameraFarClip a value from 10 to 10000
WaterQuality a value from 0 to 2
SRPQuality a value from 0 to 2
RenderScale A value from 0.1 to 2.0
FollowHeadDirection True or False
RoomScale True or False
ForceControllers True or False
XRVignette True or False
CreaturesEnabled True or False


Action Keys Gamepad VR
Move W, A, S, D* Left thumbstick Left thumbstick
Sprint Left Shift Left thumbstick button Left Grip
Walk Left Ctrl Right thumstick button Right Grip
Use / Open / Attack Space Button A Right Trigger
Cancel / Menu Left click Button B Left Menu
Take (book mode) Nothing Button X Left Trigger
Jump E button Y Left thumbstick
Toggle Flight Mode Tab Nothing Nohtin
Toggle Lantern L Nothing Right thumbstick
Free Cursor Lock Backquote Nothing Nothing
Teleport Nothing Nothing Grip

* It uses the AZERTY mapping for French users.


Bugs and feature requests are listed on the GitHub issues page. Feel free to fork the source code and contribute, or use it in any way that falls under the MIT License.

Please create a branch from develop for each "feature" (see this article).

Morrowind Data Format Resources