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Britt Gresham's Dotfiles Repo

Even though these are some pretty kick-ass configs, use at your own risk!


Pull down this git repository and run to install dotfiles.

git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

These dotfiles can also be installed via ([Puppet].

Use zsh instead of bash!

Even though most of these configurations are backwards compatible with bash to get the best experience I recommend using zsh instead.

chsh -s /bin/zsh

Install Script

  • [--force]
    • Installs dotfiles into home directory. Warning: This will remove current settings in your home directory! Only run if you want the dotfiles in this repository! You have been warned!

Builtin Utilities

See utils for complete list.

  • attach
    • Attach or create a tmux session automatically.
  • fetch_pr
    • Fetches all PR references from github given a remote name.
  • firetower
  • google-chrome-hdpi
    • Starts Google chrome in High DPI mode with proper scaling. Useful for 4k displays in Linux.
  • google_fi
    • Enable and Disable wwan network card.
  • lein
    • Copy of Leiningen for Clojure development.
  • livelog
    • Monitors git log in a pretty way.
  • lock
    • Locks linux desktop with i3lock.
  • matrix
    • Animation from The Matrix.
    • Ultimate hacker mode.
  • pairing
    • Automatically configure local pairing session. This command also utilizes attach.
  • sandbox
    • Connects to a sandbox tmux session.
    • Basically is attach sandbox while also remapping some keys to allow tmux within tmux.
  • usbname
    • Helpful tool for debugging what usb devices are plugged into a linux desktop.
  • vagrant-wrapper
    • Wraps the vagrant tool to add some 'useful' features.
  • yay
    • Help keep track of successes to ward off against imposter syndrome.

Notable Builtin Aliases

See .aliases for complete list.

  • cdc
    • Alias to cd ~/projects/.
  • evim or easyvim
    • Runs Vim with some beginner friendly configurations.
  • irc
    • Alias to attach irc -d.
  • notepad
    • Opens ~/ for fast note taking.
  • run_puppet
  • s3cmde
    • Uses gpg to decrypt ~/.s3cfg.encrypted and then performs s3cmd with decrypted configuration. Automatically removes decrypted config after running.
    • Will also run s3cmd if no encrypted configurations exist.
  • update_dotfiles
    • Updates dotfiles if an update exists.