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Personal dotfile configurations
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.oh-my-zsh @ 2f39087 Added zsh-autosuggestions to .zshrc and .oh-my-zsh
.tmux-powerline Added .osx files and moved things around a bit
.vim Needs more babby throwing
assets Added some awesome new features to the vimrc
utils Add scroll bind, Update PE script, Modify .gitignore
.aliases Use `bundle exec` instead of `bundler exec`
.bash_profile Added some zshell stuff :D
.bash_prompt Added some zshell stuff :D
.bashrc Remove some common functions
.commonrc Remove some common functions
.evimrc Fixed ,v mapping in .evimrc Added zsh stuff, Github completion script, and more ruby stuff for vim
.gitconfig Added default matching in git push
.gitignore Add scroll bind, Update PE script, Modify .gitignore
.gitmodules Changed submodule origin and updated README
.hgignore Ignoring vim bundles
.hgrc Changed sandbox script
.osx Update .osx
.pryrc Add easy mode vim, added 'l' pry command, and modified .vimrc
.pythonrc Fixed .pythonrc for enabling history in python
.slate Added slate config and modified build_vm script
.tmux.conf Removed global flag for enabling and disabling the mouse
.vimrc TLD going away, not going to renew
.zshrc Moved some things around because of vim keybindings and added in ^P
Brewfile Added Neovim, Ruby, rbenv, and gti to Brewfile Added License Changed submodule origin and updated README Added some awesome new features to the vimrc Fixed #! Merge branch 'master' of Hide errors for removing files that don't yet exist but should Doesn't work in zsh??


Run this command in your Debian based terminal:

curl -L | sh

Or pull down the repository and run to let the magic happen.

On Mac OSX

You will want to install Homebrew ( and run brew bundle Brewfile before you run the command above.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Run the following command on in a mac terminal once to apply osx settings.

source ./.osx
sudo reboot

Use zsh instead of bash!

chsh -s /bin/zsh



To automatically enable pushing to origin after commit run these commands

chmod a+x ./
ln -s ./ ./.git/hooks/post-commit

Install Script

  • [--force]
    • Installs dotfiles into home directory. Warning: This will remove current settings in your home directory! Only run if you want the dotfiles in this repository! You have been warned!

Builtin Utilities

  • attach

    • Attach or create a tmux session
  • sandbox

    • Connects to a sandbox tmux session
  • update_dotfiles

    • Updates dotfiles if an update exists
  • activate

    • Finds and activates a python virtual environment if one is found in one of the child directories in the working directory
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