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Noah Kittleson NoahKittleson
I've made stuff

Portland, OR

Armen Jewel armenjewel
Software Engineer, life-long learner, blockchain enthusiast.

Office Ally Portland, OR

渡辺椎菜 femaleninja

@appacademy 鶴岡市

Christopher Adams gitchrisadams
Software Engineer for RPS. Interests include foosball, golf, running, and computer programming.

Westerly, RI

TJ Connelly tjconnelly

principal @thirteenllc Cambridge, Massachusetts

Alexandre Nicastro AlexxNica
Entrepreneurship • Research • Art • Science • Engineering • Security • Artificial Intelligence • Blockchain • Bots • Bodybuilding –
Ken Eucker KenEucker
I love to design applications, write poetry, ride my bicycle, hike to hot springs, backpack through canyons, take candid photographs, and talk psychology.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Rod Treweek rodtreweek
"Nothing else I can do, just wait... R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, US outpost number 31. " [turns off recorder]

Nike Portland, OR

Josh Chernoff joshchernoff
Looking for Ruby / Elixir developer? Have a look at my resume

Polymorphic Productions Portland OR

Ryan Streur ryanstreur
I'm a (mostly) front-end developer. I went to a boot camp called Epicodus, and I've been working in the industry since Jan '17. I like discovering simplicity.

BlueVolt Portland, Oregon

John McCabe johnmccabe
Proofpoint. OpenFaaS contributor. GPG: 0xDE62AC2FC403927

@proofpoint Belfast, Northern Ireland

Geraldo Netto geraldo-netto
linux evangelist, stoic, utilitaristic, charitable, INFJ
Phillip Ressler macressler
I am a computer science student who would like to learn how to code.

Ressler Runtime, LLC Palmdale, CA USA

Arun Singh arunsingh
Site Reliability Engineering is what I enjoy doing taking end-to-end care of first and last mile of software delivery chain.


hvincent modgethanc
give me a text interface or i'll make one myself


Suriyaa ✌️️ SuriyaaKudoIsc
Creator. Coder. Improve the web since 2010. I 💖 FOSS & :octocat:! Contact me via

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

jumblesale jumblesale
top judo-kin in the whole prefecture, a pug dog irl
LeoMarius LeoMarius

Saint-Etienne, France

TF re-src

Frankfurt area, Germany

Joe Francis lostapathy
Ruby/Rails developer and 3d printing enthusiast.

Gardner, KS

Frank Siler fsiler

Law Office of Franklin M. Siler, Toto Labs Lawrence, KS, USA, Earth, Sol System

Tristan F. Esya

Plivo San Francisco

wayne waynr

somewhere around here

Melissa melissa

Puppet Labs Portland, OR

Jeff McCune jeffmccune
Principal Consultant & Founder, Open Infrastructure Services Offering Puppet development, Cloud Infrastructure Development, and CI/CD pipeline automation.

Open Infrastructure Services, LLC Portland, OR

Hailee Kenney HAIL9000
(˶◕‿◕˶✿) Portland, OR

Brian Cain briancain
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ヽ(´▽`)/

@hashicorp /usr/local/bin

Andrew London Drewwit

shmazzle inc. Lawrence, KS

Danny Fowler dannykansas

@SemanticSugar Kansas City, MO