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Configurable, JavaScript-less Neocities alternative, written in Go! It gives you a random searx (privacy-respecting metasearch engine) instance each time you visit the page. You can either clone, build and use it locally using techniques below or use the Tor hidden service. There's also a wiki!



You will need git and go. Once setup, run the following commands:

git clone
go run gimmeasearx.go 

That's it! Open up a browser and check localhost:8080.

If you want .onion instances to show up, you need Tor installed and running.

For more ways to run gimmeasearx, such as with Docker or through a systemd service, check the wiki page.

Licensed under GPLv3.

If my time spent coding this was helpful to you, I'd be gladful to receive donations:

  • Ethereum: 0xF239e7C7b1C75EFF467EE4b74CEB4002E3d00BEE

  • Bitcoin: 5cc720fb7ca0bf0807e0223946fae738