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Namespace: FsToolkit.ErrorHandling

Function Signature:

('a -> 'b) -> ('c -> 'b) -> Result<'a, 'c> -> 'b


Example 1

Let's assume that we have a function tryParseInt

open System

// string -> Result<int, string>
let tryParseInt str =
  match Int32.TryParse str with
  | true, x -> Ok x
  | false, _ -> 
    Error (sprintf "unable to parse '%s' to integer" str)

If we want to return the actual value for success and a default value 0 in failure, we can achieve it as below

// string -> int
let tryParseIntOrDefault str =
  |> tryParseInt
  |> Result.fold id (fun _ -> 0)

tryParseIntOrDefault "42" // returns - 12
tryParseIntOrDefault "foobar" // returns - 0

Example 2

In a typical web application, if there is any request validation error, we send HTTP 400 Bad Request as response and HTTP 200 OK for successful operation

In the above tryParseInt example, if we emulate the same using a fake HTTP response type

type HttpResponse<'a, 'b> =
  | OK of 'a
  | BadRequest of 'b

Then using Result.fold, we can do the following

// HttpRequest -> HttpResponse<int,string>
let handler httpRequest =
  // reading the input from the HTTP request
  let inputStr = httpRequest ... 

  Result.fold OK BadRequest (tryParseInt inputStr)