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= Time logging Plugin for Redmine
-This plugin provides a set of convenience capabilities for easier management of resources. Useful for tracking billability and providing reports.
+This plugin provides a set of convenience capabilities for bulk time logging in Redmine. Useful for people with multiple projects and working on different tasks.
+This will provide an option in My Page to display Time logging block.
+A summary (for the last 7 days) of log hours in all projects will be displayed with a link to display all time logs.
= Installation
1. Extract or clone the plugin to vendor/plugins as user_time_logger
3. Run <tt>rake db:migrate_plugins</tt> from RAILS_ROOT
4. Restart Redmine
+= To use
+1. Go to My Page
+2. Choose Personalize this page.
+3. Choose 'Time logging'
+4. Click Add.
+5. Click Save.
= Dependencies
This plugin depends on the ff. plugins to run:

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