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Atom package for Brunch

This is atom package for Brunch

A screenshot of your package


apm install brunch-with-atom


  • creates new Brunch skeleton
  • builds/watches your project using Brunch
  • uses different Brunch versions

How to use

  • go to Packages->Brunch. Select new, build, watch, change version (depends on your needs)
  • run context menu and choose Brunch new, Brunch build, Brunch watch or Brunch stop (depends on your needs)

    Brunch commands will work ONLY in project folder


  • Brunch new creates skeleton from brunch skeletons list

    Notice: There is present only skeletons which have aliases in brunch skeletons list

  • Brunch build builds a Brunch project and places the output into public directory

  • Brunch watch watches Brunch app directory for changes and rebuilds the whole project when they happen.

  • Brunch stop stops build or watch process.

  • Brunch change version changes version of Brunch due to selected one.

    Notice: After selecting another version you have to wait until npm install will be finished for selected version.

    For more Brunch doc look here

    If you don't have internet connection it will work fine, but without generating skeletons.


MIT © Artem Denysov