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Beem is the first DI.FM client for Windows Phone.
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** Due to breaking changes in the DI.FM platform, this project is no longer supported.**

Project Status: Unsupported - The project has reached a stable, usable state but the author(s) have ceased all work on it. A new maintainer may be desired.


Beem is the first DI.FM client for Windows Phone. It allows its users to stream EDM directly from the DI.FM servers.

It supports both standard and premium streams, given that the user has the secret key necessary to unlock the premium quality stream.

It is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

I don't want to mess with source code. Can I download your app on my Windows Phone?

Absolutely. Head over to the Windows Phone Store and either download Beem or [Beem for SKY.FM] (

Can I re-distribute Beem in the Windows Phone Store?

Sure. Under a few conditions, though:

  • You will not distribute it under the name of Beem.
  • None of the Beem logos are included in your distribution.
  • You will include a reference to this project in the "About" page.

I want to have SkyDrive and support in my app, but none work.

The source code that I have provided has all the API keys stripped. You will have to obtain those through the proper developer channels and include them in the app.

Why none of the station lists load?

Beem relies on Windows Azure Mobile Services, and I cannot give you access to my data. Based on the existing data models, you can create your own data infrastructure.

Will I always see the most recent Beem source code here?

Yes, minus the API keys.

Do you offer support for this project?

If you want specific ideas implemented in the app itself, feel free to use the Issues page. This, of course, doesn't guarantee that the feature will be implemented, but gives you the opportunity to put the feature on my radar.