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Doctainers allows you to quickly document your libraries in a container, and subsequently host the documentation in a cloud service. It is a set of Docker Dockerfiles, that are running DocFX inside them.

Building an image

You can build an image by simply calling:

docker build --build-arg LIBRARY=@azure/cosmos --build-arg LIBRARY_FOLDER=src .

This command can be executed directly from the folder with the Dockerfile. For the LIBRARY argument, you need to pass the library ID the same way it is indexed on npm. For LIBRARY_FOLDER you need to specify the library folder that needs to be documented - the default will always be src.

Running an image

Once you get the image created, you can run it with the help of:

docker run -p 80:1900 -i {image-id}

This will map your local port 80 to port 1900 from the running container. You will be able to access the hosted site by going to http://localhost.

Launch animation

Of course, you can make adjustments to change the target port.


Can I map the tool to a different port?

Yes. You can change the docker run port mapping target. Keep in mind that you also need to update the Dockefile to change what socat uses as the target port.

Why does socat run when I start the container?

By default, DocFX serves the site on - this would mean that we wouldn't be able to access the site from outside the container (the connection will always be reset). To prevent that, we use socat as a relay.


Logo is derived from work of Kokota on IconFinder, as well as bamikon on IconFinder.