Rapid API Search Extension for Visual Studio Code
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Rapid API Search for Visual Studio Code


VSTS Build Status

This extension enables API documentation search directly from Visual Studio code. Simply use Ctrl + F1 (or Cmd + F1 on macOS) to see if the docs.microsoft.com API reference documentation exists for the selected entity.

Extension in action

Currently Supported Languages

  • C#
  • VB .NET
  • PowerShell


Direct all feedback to Den Delimarsky on Twitter.


This tool is not directly associated with docs.microsoft.com, and is not an official Microsoft product. It is merely a little demo project developed as a test of Visual Studio Code capabilities along with the content publicly accessible on docs.microsoft.com.

APIs and approaches leveraged here are not officially supported and can stop functioning or change at any time with no advance notice. DO NOT try to use in any production or critical systems.