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The symfony textmate bundle
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The symfony Textmate bundle


1. Create a bundle directoy in your home directory if you don't have one already.

        mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles

2. Go to the bundle directoy in your home.

        cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles

3. Clone a copy from the github repository

        git clone git:// "symfony.tmbundle"

4. Reload your Bundles in TextMate


1. Go to the symfony bundle directoy in your home.

        cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/symfony.tmbundle

2. Pull the newest version from the github repository

        git pull

3. Reload your Bundles in TextMate

Using GoTo

1. GoTo action is opening on ctrl+f key press
2. GoTo action is input box, that can recieve commands:

        // go to the apps/APP/modules/MODULE/actions/actions.class.php
        actions APP/MODULE

        // go to the apps/APP/templates/TEMPLATE.php
        view APP/global/TEMPLATE

        // go to the apps/APP/modules/MODULE/templates/TEMPLATESuccess.php

        // go to the apps/APP/templates/_PARTIAL.php
        partial APP/global/PARTIAL

        // go to the apps/APP/modules/MODULE/templates/_PARTIAL.php
        partial APP/MODULE/PARTIAL

        // go to the lib/form/FORMForm.class.php
        form FORM

        // go to the config/CONFIG.yml
        config CONFIG.yml

        // go to the apps/APP/config/CONFIG.yml
        config APP/CONFIG

        // go to the apps/APP/modules/MODULE/config/CONFIG.yml
        config APP/MODULE/CONFIG

        // go to the lib/model/doctrine/MODEL.class.php
        dmodel MODEL

        // go to the lib/model/doctrine/MODELTable.class.php
        dtable MODEL

        // go to the config/doctrine/SCHEMA.yml
        dschema SCHEMA

Thanks for the work of 'Dr Nic' from the rails community. Without his work on the rails bundle I still wouldn't know how to create a bundle. Also many thanks to
'meandmymonkey' from the symfony community. He created the images which you can see in the html popups of the symfony commands. Big thanks to user 'everzet'.
He improved the html output windows, added the dialogs to the commands, many snippets & created GoTo action. And last but not least many thanks to 'fabpot'. He created the first version of the bundle.
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