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Bee by Emily Short

Sooner or later, you're going to lose. Only one person wins the National Spelling Bee each year, so an elementary understanding of the odds means it almost certainly won't be you.

The only question is when you fail, and why.

About Bee and Dendry

Bee was written by Emily Short using the Varytale format for interactive books (original playable book here). Dendry has a similar model for how interactive fiction works, so it is a natural choice for a port of Bee.

The code for the book is shared here as an example of writing a complete and complex story using Dendry. The text of the story itself is copyright, however, and cannot be duplicated or shared without the author's permission. See the License file for more details.

Play Bee

A version of Bee built with a default Dendry template is available here.

Make Bee

To build the book into a playable HTML form with Dendry do this:

$ dendry make-html

and view with your browser, e.g.

$ google-chrome out/html/index.html