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Mapbox GoPro video map overhaul based on The demo is designed to get you up and running with a working example in a few as steps as possible. For a more robust setup consider a dynamic upload from the GPS enabled device direct to your favorite database. Possible use cases include visualizing video captured by UAV or quad copter and automation from device to final output.

Use instructions: click play on the video, notice the icon moving in sync with the video location

Pause the video and the animated icon will pause

Drag the video seek bar and the icon will move to the location on the map that corresponds to the time in the video

Click anywhere on the map and the icon will snap to the nearest location on the path and update the video time to this location

Drag the icon to any location on the map and it will snap to the nearest location on the path and update the video time to this location

Setup instructions: 4 files are required; place them in a folder anywhere on your local environment/server-public_html:

Video file - you are welcome to use the reference included in the demo until you switch it out with your own

mapbox_gopro_min.html - click on this file to run the application in the browser

rotate_video.js - main workings, leave as is for demo OR adjust content/settings to point at your material

north.png - icon file, use or replace with an icon of your choice

To add your own content:

1.) change the video ref to point at your video - line 29 mapbox_gopro_min.html

2.) replace pjson content with json specific to your video - line 1 rotate_video.js

3.) adjust mapbox access token and key to your account - lines 158 - 159 rotate_video.js

4.) adjust map center and zoom factor to your path lines - 159 rotate_video.js


mapbox gopro video map



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