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4462 Chess Problems

In 1994, famed chess teacher László Polgár published Chess: 5,334 Problems, Combinations, and Games.

Of these, 4,462 are checkmate problems. You can play through them here.

If you'd like to use these problems for your own project, simply download problems.json. Enjoy!

Possible Errors in Book

  • Problem 1071 seems to be mate-in-one (Nc7). I've re-labeled it from mate-in-two to mate-in-one.
  • Problem 4362 seems to be mate-in-two (Qf1, Kxg4, Qf5). I've re-labeled it from mate-in-three to mate-in-two.


Special thanks to Chris Oakman for his exquisitely documented 2013 chessboard.js and to Jeff Hlywa for chess.js.

Special thanks as well to Christian Kuhn, from whose website I procured polgar.pgn (

And finally, much thanks to the authors of Stockfish and python-chess.