Code and data for SciPy 2018 talk on missing data
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Safe Handling Instructions for Missing Data


This repository contains the code used to generate the experimental data, one run of experimental data, and the analysis code used in "Safe Handling Instructions for Missing Data", a paper to be presented at the 2018 meeting of the Python in Science Conferences (SciPy 2018).

How to use this repository

  1. Install the libraries at their pinned versions (found in requirements.txt) into a virtual environment.
  2. Open the analysis notebook with jupyter notebook analysis.ipynb
  3. The notebook is pre-populated with the output from the last time it was executed. You are free to modify the code in the notebook and re-run it to see how it changes the output of the analysis.

To re-run the experiment which generated the data, run python Use the -h flag to see experimental parameters that you can set. Be warned that, depending on which options you choose, the total runtime of the experiment may extend beyond several days.